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Purchase babbitt B-83 of guaranteed quality directly from the manufacturer

Novosibirsk Tin Plant is a leading manufacturer of branded tin and babbitt. According to the results of certification by the State Commission, the products of the plant correspond to the best world standards. We are appreciated for the high quality of our products, reliability and responsibility.

The Tin Plant produces Babbitt B-83 in accordance with GOST 1320-74, carefully fulfilling the entire list of requirements:

  • p. 2 - Technical requirements,
  • p. 3 - Acceptance rules,
  • p. 4 - Test methods,
  • p.5 - Labeling, transportation and storage - this will be important for companies interested in using quality products.

Continuous instrumental and chemical analysis of products in real time is carried out by engineers of the central plant laboratory using modern equipment, including IRIS (USA) and ARL 3056 (Switzerland). Samples are taken at the beginning, middle and end of the heat.

We supply products to machine-building and shipbuilding companies, provide the electrical industry, the production of electric locomotives, diesel engines, and repair enterprises. Babbitt is used for various types of bearings, including:

  • working at high speeds and medium loads;
  • crosshead, crank and frame bearings of low-speed diesel engines;
  • for turbine bearings;
  • for support bearings of propeller shafts.

Our babbit is shipped to enterprises for which quality is the main criterion, so they trust us: NPO Elsib PJSC Novosibirsk, JSC Baltiysky Zavod, St. Petersburg, PJSC Ashinskiy Metallurgical Plant, Asha, JSC Ural Pipe Plant, Yekaterinburg, TyazhMash JSC, Syzran, ArcelorMittal Temirtau JSC, Kazakhstan and others.

Babbitt at prices from the manufacturer: we deliver across Russia and to the CIS countries

The Novosibirsk Tin Plant has established itself in the Russian market and in the CIS countries. We work with companies from various manufacturing industries. Babbitt B 83 is produced in the form of ingots weighing 16-17 kg. The minimum order quantity is one ingot.

The final cost will depend on the terms of delivery: order volume, terms of shipment and payment.

Submit a purchase request:

  • by phone 8-800-775-58-78;
  • submit the form on the website;
  • write to our email address: sales@nok.ru.

We guarantee exact adherence to production deadlines!

Branded tin, B 83 babbits and solders - we will ship all this from the warehouse by any transport company. For customers from Novosibirsk, self-pickup is available from the warehouse at the address: Mira, 62.

* The prices indicated on the website are for informational purposes only and, under no circumstances, are not a public offer determined by the provisions of Article 437 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

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