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Manufacturing process

Technological scheme of the NOK

We process tin concentrates with tin content from 30% to 70% and secondary products containing tin (licensed type of activity).

All equipment meets industrial safety requirements. The shop for the production of commercial tin is registered in the State Register in Rostekhnadzor.

Tin production takes place in 15 technical processes, the main ones of which are as follows:

  • Electric melting, which is carried out in ore-smelting furnaces to obtain rough tin and slag.
  • Fuming, where the slag of electric furnaces and other poor tin-containing materials are refined.
  • Centrifugal refining of rough tin from iron and other impurities. Centrifuges are the company's own development.
  • Vacuum refining to remove lead and bismuth from tin. Vacuum devices are the company's own development.
  • Reagent refining - purification from impurities of copper, antimony and zinc.
  • Finished products are manufactured in accordance with GOST 860-75. The filling is carried out either in blocks weighing 1200 kg, or through a carousel filling machine into ingots weighing 22-23 kg.
  • In reagent refining, babbitt B-83 alloy is also produced in accordance with GOST 1320 - 74. It is prepared in a special cast-iron boiler, and bottled in a rotary filling machine.
  • Section for the production of solders. It produces up to 25 types of POS, POSSu solders, as well as special solders and alloys.
  • All products formed during the production process, as well as finished products, are analyzed in the laboratory by highly qualified specialists using a certified method.

Tin production technology is a very complex and multi-stage process. Working smelters know the technology of the process, the hardware design of the main production units, they have two to five specializations for the correct conduct of the process. The main team of smelters has a 5-6 grade, the work experience of many of them is from 20 to 35 years.

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