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Purchase tin-lead solders of the POS brand. Wholesale deliveries across Russia and to the CIS countries

The Novosibirsk Tin Plant produces tin-lead solders of the following brands: POS-90, POS-63, POS-61, POS-40, POS-30 for the automotive, radio-electronic, metallurgical, food and other industries. We cooperate with many enterprises in Russia and neighboring countries.

We guarantee quality, reliability, production and delivery times. Each stage of the production cycle takes place under the supervision of experienced highly qualified specialists. Our company uses the latest technology and modern equipment.

We produce tin-lead solders of all standard sizes from pure components in the form of:

  • ingots (rods);
  • a bar with a diameter of 8-10 mm;
  • wire with a diameter of 1 mm (solder is supplied in a coil);
  • tubes with flux with a diameter of 1.2 mm.

POS grade tin-lead solders

POS-90. Applicaton: tinning and soldering of food utensils, medical equipment, tinplate products. Melting point: Solidus - 183 degrees, Liquidus - 220 degrees.

POS-61, POS-63. Application: tinning and soldering of electrical equipment, radio equipment, precision instruments, printed circuit boards. Melting temperature: Solidus -183 degrees, Liquidus - 190 degrees.

POS-40. Application: tinning and soldering of electrical equipment, iron, galvanized iron. Solder melting temperature: Solidus - 183 degrees, Liquidus - 238 degrees.

POS-30. Application: tinning and brazing of zinc, copper, brass, bronze, tinplate. Melting point: Solidus - 183 degrees, Liquidus - 238 degrees.

The minimum volume of deliveries is from 5 kg.

Find out the prices for tin-lead solders, information on payment and delivery times by calling 8 (800) 775-58-78. Our managers will calculate the cost, make a commercial offer. Leave a request on the website, by phone or send an email:

We deliver goods by transport companies in Russia and the CIS countries. Transport company - at the choice of the customer. Pickup is available from our warehouse. The address of the Novosibirsk Tin Factory: 630033, Novosibirsk, Mira, 62.

* The prices indicated on the website are for informational purposes only and, under no circumstances, are not a public offer determined by the provisions of Article 437 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

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