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About the company OOO NOK


The leading enterprise in Russia for the production of branded tin, babbits and solder products for various purposes, founded in 1942.

Novosibirsk Tin Plant is a guarantee of reliability, responsibility and quality.

Unique equipment, technologies, qualified specialists and many years of experience - these criteria determine the high level of products. At each stage of the technological cycle, we thoroughly monitor compliance with production rules and regulations.

The Novosibirsk Tin Plant is the only enterprise in the country that produces tin from mineral raw materials. We cooperate with industrial companies in Russia and the CIS countries.

According to the conclusion of the State Commission, the production quality of the Novosibirsk Tin Plant corresponds to the best world standards. Since December 2000, experts have confirmed that the quality system of our enterprise complies with GOST and ISO 9002-96. The purity of the grade tin is 99.999%.

Our main products:

  • Tin - varying degrees of purity.
  • Babbitt B-83.
  • All types of solders: in ingots, tubes, rods, wires.
  • Special alloys and solders - according to TU or on the basis of agreed parameters.

NOK success story:

  • The enterprise is equipped with modern equipment and technologies, the main part of which was developed by the plant: smelting of tin into ferrous slags, centrifugal and vacuum refining of tin.
  • The staff of the enterprise includes qualified high-level specialists: smelters with work experience from 7 to 30 years work at the plant, employees of the central plant laboratory - with experience from 7 to 40 years, technological and service personnel.
  • In order to exclude the smallest errors, at all stages we thoroughly control the chemical composition of the products, and we analyze the finished products on IRIS and ARL devices.
  • Our technologies allow us to produce tin with a lead content of less than 0.005%.
  • We strive to constantly improve technology; we care about the environmental friendliness of production processes. The plant increases its volumes and expands the geography of supplies every year. 2015 to 2018 we have reached the volume of 1000 tons of tin per year. In 2019, this figure has grown significantly - we have already produced 1,500 tons of branded tin.

NOK provides enterprises in Russia and the CIS countries with high-quality products for the metallurgical, food, chemical, defense, electronics, automotive and other industries.

Novosibirsk Tin Plant is located at Novosibirsk, Mira, 62. Leave a request on the website, by phone or send it to our mailbox. Our managers will answer your questions, calculate the cost of your order, and prepare an individual commercial offer.

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